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High Blood Pressure Program

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About the Program

God’s Storehouse is committed to promoting good nutrition among its customers. We want to help our customers better manage hypertension by providing them with foods that are low in sodium, high in whole grains, and protein-packed. These types of foods are recommended as part of the DASH Diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) by the National Institutes of Health as helping to lower high blood pressure.

How It Works

God’s Storehouse non-USDA customers who currently suffer from high blood pressure or are at risk for becoming hypertensive are eligible to participate in the program. Customers will sign up for an orientation session at the Blue Desk and attend the session to complete a pre-program survey that includes: blood pressure reading, weight, height, BMI, medications taken, current activity level, whether under a physician’s care and current diet/eating habits.

What You’ll Do

By agreeing to participate in this program, we require you to:

  • Read and sign the release forms
  • Attend health appointments where blood pressure and other measurements will be taken
  • Provide basic health information on surveys
  • Attend and graduate from the Family Nutrition Program, hosted at our facility
  • Pick up your box of food from God’s Storehouse as you normally would

What You’ll Get

You’ll pick up your box of food as you normally do, but it will contain items* such as:

  • Low-sodium black beans
  • Whole grain quick cooking oats
  • Unsweetened applesauce
  • Low-sodium tomato sauce
  • Low-fat granola bars
  • Low-sodium canned meats


*We will do our best to ensure your box has a variety of foods, but items are subject to availability.

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